Make your own greenhouse with small greenhouse plans

Small Greenhouse Plans

small greenhouse plansSmall Greenhouse Plans To Make Your Own Greenhouse

If you want to enjoy a healthy pastime and growing your own wholesome vegetables you may have enough space on your property to have a greenhouse, and you are looking for small greenhouse plans.

There is an increasing interest in gardening again, not only because the cost of produce has gotten so high thanks to transportation costs, but people are also worried about what they are actually eating.  With the increased need for farmers to produce vast amounts of food for a hungry planet, the use of noxious fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides on our foods has made the incidences of cancer rise alarmingly from people ingesting these environment toxins.  By having a greenhouse you may never have to pay $2 for one tomato again, and you can grow any number of other healthy foods in a greenhouse including peppers and cucumbers and start all your garden and vegetable seeds in the controlled climate of a greenhouse.

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Small greenhouse plans – picking a location and materials

Before you set out to find small greenhouse plans, have a good look around your garden to see where the best place is to put your new greenhouse.  It should be out in the open and not shaded too much by houses, trees or fences which will block out essential light.

Deciding on what kind of materials you will construct your greenhouse with is important too.  You don’t have to have a metal framed greenhouse containing hundreds of small panes of glass, you can just as easily make an efficient and functioning greenhouse from wood, PVC or even PVC plumbing pipes.  No glass need be involved in the structure as PVC sheeting will work just as well.  Just make sure your neighbors aren’t going to complain about where you put the greenhouse, if it isn’t going to be a work of art!  You may also need planning permission or a permit depending on where you live.

One option for a greenhouse is to buy small greenhouse plans designed as a lean to for your house.  In the northern hemisphere you should use a wall that runs east-west to get the best light exposure.

If your small greenhouse plans are for a wooden framed greenhouse, then use a well-treated timber that will last for years, cedar is probably the best choice as you don’t want your greenhouse rotting away after a few years.

Your small greenhouse plans should include a wide doorway so you can get a wheelbarrow in and out easily or any other large garden equipment that you might decide to keep in your greenhouse.  You will need to construct raised beds and work areas inside your greenhouse and also include provisions for power and water by way of a spigot for watering your plants.

Even small greenhouse plans will give you enough area to grow seedlings for outside and have room so you can grow some tomatoes and any other expensive vegetables that you like to eat.  With red peppers currently at $5 a pound you can enjoy growing your own and using them liberally for a few months each year.  You will be learning to preserve and bottle foods and make sauces with all those tomatoes after you have used your small greenhouse plans!

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